BARBICHON | Snug Sling Bag - Beige
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● Material : 100% cotton and washable
● Strap width : 12cm
● Strap length : 70-82cm (adjustable)
● Recommend for dogs / cats under 8kg
● Designed and made in Korea

● Snug sling bag strap’s shoulder pad is wide and there is enough cushion to lessen strains to your shoulder.
● The bag has enough space to make your furkid to feel very snugly close & comfortable as well.
● The strap also have a sewn on pocket for you to keep your handphone and there is a metal ‘D-ring’ to hang any poop bag.

● The bag has an internal safety hook to latch on your pet's collar or harness so that she/ he does not fall off the bag, or prevent them to jump out the bag while being carried.
● How to wash : recommended to hand wash with use neutral detergent and 30 degree of water

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