COMET Matatabi Powder - Joint Health CMMTTB03
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Matatabi is a native plant found in Japan and South East Asia.  It has been used as herbal medicine since the ancient time.  In Japan, matatabi is used as a magic cure for all ailments in cats.  If the cat is low in energy, low in appetite or stressed out, you can feed a little bit of matatabi

You can also feed it routinely to maintain your cat's wellbeing.  Just shake the bottle 2-3 times and add the powder directly to the food three times a day, or sprinkle the powder on cat toys or scratching post to make your cat happy and excited. 

Individual cats may react different to matatabi, some may roll on the floor, meowing, pawing in excitement but some may not have obvious response.  In general, matatabi has better effect on cats than catnip as they have two active ingredients and catnip only has one. 

Made in Japan.