Micromed Vet Silver Water Spray (50ml)
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Micromed Vet Silver Water Spray (50ml)

Distilled water, high purity fine silver (99,999% pure)

To be used as an adjunct to all other Micromed products in terms of prevention / care. Colloidal silver is considered

effective against many infectious diseases and pathogens; helps reduce inflammation; promotes and stimulates the

regeneration of damaged tissues. Possible applications for all pets: Bite, rush, cut and burn injuries, chronic 

wounds, abscesses, ulcers, granuloma, encapsulated collections of pus as a result of a bacterial or viral infection,

even fungal infections.


Made of colloidal silver (40 ppm per drop)

Colloidal silver: kills more than 650 different fungi, viruses, bacteria, molds, streptococci and staphylococci.

Capacity Comparison: silver ion products are mostly 300ppm or 500ppm per product in usual, while Silver

Water Spray is calculated at 40ppm per drop, which is much higher than other products.