RUFF & FETCH COMO PEAS Cat Litter with Activated Charcoal 6L x 6 Packs
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  • COMO PEAS is made of 100% food grade, natural and biodegradable ingredients – pea plant fibre without chemicals, synthetics, calcium and clay. 
  • Breathable and dense quality of the pea plant fibre, fortified with activated charcoal, effectively eliminates odour. 
  • COMO PEAS is crafted to 2mm in diameter by artisans to deliver a pleasant sense of touch! 
  • Its 99% dust-free and no-tracking properties keeps your home spick and span.
  • A natural hydrolysis reaction works to solidify clumps in the litter instantly with a rapid absorption rate of 400%, meaning that our pea fibre litter can absorb up to 4 times its own weight and prevents leakage. The cat litter becomes easy to scoop and flush as it dissolves naturally in water.