MR MOSS CBD Pet Tincture 30ML 450MG
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Mr. MOSS CBD pet tincture 450 mg is fit for your pet(s)’ daily consumption and for the purpose of enhancing their mental and physical health, especially for small to medium sized dogs and cats. Our hearty formula is effective in relieving anxiety, stress and pain, boosting recovery capabilities, epilipetic and nausea prevention, among other health benefits. Our product contains no processed, artificial flavouring substances or fragrances, only made with pure CBD, collagen and coconuts derived from bone broth and MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride). MCT disintegrates quickly and converts into energy. It also contains lauric acid and octylic acid, which helps improve your pet(s)’ digestive system, immune system, and keep their coat and skin healthy. MCT oil can even boost thyroid health. The broth itself is also rich in vital nutrients such as calcium and potassium which helps heal your pets’ digestive tract while the collagen in the broth fortifies its bones and joints. The natural flavour of the CBD tincture can be easily ingested by mixing in your pets’ food.