Our Ruff StoryRUFF


Spacious outdoor playground, our hearty pour-over coffee, smoothies & light bites make Ruff & Fetch Eatery a perfect hangout!

Premium Grooming & Licensed Boarding

Seasoned experts at grooming & pet-caring. Serves more than 30 pooches & purrs at a time.

Open Education Space

Our seminar podium is available for all sorts of companion animals events, workshops & performances.


Customers’ engagement is guaranteed by our carefully curated displays & proactive team of sale representatives.

Why We Do What We Do

With our passion in promoting companion animals’ welfare as well as love of the principles of good design & lifestyle, we have a mission to make our community a little more welcoming for our furry friends. For they are not our toys but sentient souls that value us as their world.

We can’t change the world by bringing a dog home. But that will change his world forever. These may be baby steps but we strive to contribute to the well-being of companion animals.

A Family Looking Out for Other Families

At Ruff & Fetch, a warm & cosy hangout spot your furry friends will thank us for, we have just one question in mind – can we do more? And the answer is almost always positive.

Our Gallery